Log Lighters

A log lighter is a round pipe with holes in it and it’s located underneath the fire grate.  Natural gas or propane gas goes through the pipe and, when lit, is an easy way to start your wood fire.

Instead of using the trial and error method of lighting crumpled paper under the grate, just hold a flame next to one of the holes in the log lighter, turn on the gas, and just let the gas flame do the work of getting your fire going!

Benefits to installing log lighters

Various lengths of log lighters, used to easily start a wood fire

  • Less mess than using paper to start a fire
  • Easy to start
  • Wood more likely to have complete efficient burn
  • Economical to install


  • A log lighter inside a fireplace
  • A log lighter positioned under a fire grate

Important tip to know about log lighters

There’s a trick to using log lighters:

Have a long match or lighter in one hand and the gas key in your other hand.  Have the lit match or lit lighter touching the log lighter underneath the grate. Turn the gas valve only a quarter turn.  The log lighter should start right up. Then, and only then, open the valve all the way.

You never want to turn on the gas and wait to light the log lighter.  If you wait too long to light the log lighter, the firebox will fill up with gas and you may experience a mini explosion. 

Log lighters are only intended to be used for about ten minutes, long enough for the wood to start burning.  Once the fire is established, turn the gas off.