About Us

Who are we?


I am Terri Pocock and my husband, Rick, and I are the very proud owners of Swede Chimney Sweep & Dryer Vent Cleaning. We didn’t start out as chimney sweeps. In fact, even as young adults, we never imagined that we would be in this industry and, even more, we never imagined that we would love our jobs as much as we do!

Swede Chimney Sweep was originally started in 1985 by some dear friends of ours. They named the business after his native country, Sweden. Nine years later, in 1994, they decided to move back to Sweden so we offered to buy their business.

Rick and I both had highly stressful jobs at that time, working 40-60 hours a week and we rarely saw our two young toddler sons. We were looking for a different lifestyle that would allow us to focus more on our young family. This chimney sweep business allowed us to organize our work schedule around our sons’ activities–school, sports, church youth groups, drama productions and scouts.

We made it a home-based business, working more hours than our previous careers but it allowed us the flexibility to work around our sons’ schedules and be more active in their lives. That parental involvement has paid off. Both sons became Eagle Scouts and are now successful adults who have turned into the great young men that any parent would be very proud of.

After more than 24Old chimney sweep in front of bike photo years, Rick and I continue to work in the business together—me in the office and Rick in the field. Because I’m also certified for both chimneys as well as dryer vents, I’m able to answer your questions, troubleshoot your problems and address your concerns. Since we pride ourselves on customer service, we have chosen not to have employees so you’re dealing personally with each of us, either me on the phone or Rick in your home.

This has turned out to be the best experience we could ever hope for and we thoroughly enjoy what we do. The best part of all is that we consider ourselves privileged to have such great customers which makes us truly grateful to do what we do.

~ Terri Pocock